Alfetta 1.6 (116.00)

The smaller version of the Alfa Romeo Alfetta is the Alfetta 1.6.

The Alfetta 1.6 was built from 1974 to 1976 with an engine producing 109HP.

   reference to the photographs are (11) and (12)

After few years of the presentation of the Alfa Romeo Alfetta (at the beginning not called Alfetta 1.8) came the smaller or economical version Alfetta 1.6. It is destinguished by one lager single headlight, a sigle chrome strip between the lights and the scudetto, matt black plastic wipers and simpler bumpers without rubber insets and smaller around the tail of the car. On the rear bonnet is written Alfetta 1.6.

Changes on the inside of the car are: the steering wheel is made from black plastic, blue color of the background of the instrument cluster, wooden details of the dashboard and glove box are not installed, the ashtray located directly under the car radio compartment, the front seats no longer have pockets on the seatbacks.

As an option could be ordered an electrical heated rear window.

'74AR11600*0001001 - AR11600*0005500AR 01600LHD
'75AR11600*0005501 - AR11600*0020900AR 01600LHD
'76AR11600*0020901 - AR11600*0044604AR 01600LHD