Alfetta 1.6 UK (116.02)

The Alfetta 1.6 UK is the version Alfetta UK 116.02 updated. The name and the series of the car were not changed this time.

The Alfetta 1.6 UK was built from 1977 to 1979 with an engine producing 109HP.

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There are minor changes to the previous version of 116.02:
The scudetto got larger in size and the chrome strips on the grill were left out, the overriders of the bumpers and the wipers are black, the sill strip is in bodywork color.

Inside changes are:
the dashboard is similar to that of the 1.8 with a plastic steering wheel, the washer control is located on the wiper lever, there are modification to the fuse box release lever and also the bonnet.

Starting 1977 the position of the tachometer and the speedometer got reversed. Attachments for the rear seat belts were preinstalled.

'77 - '79AR11602*0005001 - AR11602*000????AR 01600RHD