Alfetta 1.8 (116.08)

The official presentation, originally planned for the 1971 Turin Motor Show, was postponed because of the launch of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud model. The Alfetta launch took place in May 1972 near Trieste in the small port of Grignano.

The first version of the Alfetta was built from 1972 to 1974 in 104454 copies with an engine producing 122HP.

   reference to the photographs is (6)

The distinguishing feature of the first series of the model is the narrow scudetto (scudetto stretto) with the split grille in black plastic crossed by three chromed strips. There are four head­lights with iodine chromed rings and external levers for adjusting the inclination. The bumpers are made from metal and include built-in direc­tion indicators and chrome overriders with a rubber insert. There are two vents at the base of the windshield and the wipers are chromed.

On the lower right front fender the Alfa Romeo Style Center logo is found. On the bonnet at the read of the Alfetta on the right side, the initials Alfetta in italics are fixed (photograph 3 above). Inside, front seats are clothed in Tex­alfa or cloth, equipped with adjustable headrests (on request). The steering wheel is made partly from wood and is adjustable in height with three horn buttons on the plastic spokes. The dash­board is wood imitation with the lettering Alfetta on the right.

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