Alfetta 1.8 (116.42)

The Alfetta 1.8 is a restyling version with the intention of unifying the models 1.8 and 1.6 (starting in 1977).

This version of the Alfetta 1.8 was built from 1975 to 1980 in 67738 copies with an engine producing 118HP.

   reference to the photographs is (27)

Several minor changes were performed in creating this restyled version of the Alfetta: the scudetto is wider in size and the chrome strips were left away on the grille. The overriders of the bumpers were designed with black rubber. The sill strip received the same color as the bodywork. Wipers are matt black. The engine size (Alfetta 1.6 or Alfetta 1.8) is written on the boot.

The dashboard is similar to that of the 1.6, and received a wooden steering wheel. The washer control is integrated in the wiper lever. There are modifications to the bonnet and the fuse box release lever. From 1977 onwards the position of the tachometer and the speedometer were reversed and attachments for the rear seat belts were assembled.

'74AR11642*2093501 - AR11642*2094250AR 01608*XLHD
'75AR11642*2107001 - AR11642*2121900AR 01608*XLHD
'76AR11642*2121901 - AR11642*2152865AR 01608*XLHD
'77AR11642*2152866 - AR11642*2158400AR 01608*XLHD
'78AR11642*2158401 - AR11642*2166239AR 01608*XLHD
'79AR11642*2170001 - AR11642*2170600AR 01608*XLHD
'80AR11642*2170601 - AR11642*2171000AR 01608*XLHD