Alfetta 2000 (116.55)

The Alfetta 2000 received a redesigned bodywork.

The first version of the updated Alfetta was built from 1976 to 1977 in 34733 copies with an engine producing 120HP.

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The most striking thing about this model is the change of the bodywork. The car got 10.5cm longer (4385cm) and a rectangular shape including a pair of rectangular front lights between a new scudetto. The steel bumpers include integrated direction indicators and bumper strips with black plastic side panels. The taillights got bigger. On the bonnet is attached the identification Alfetta 2.0. The wheel and rear view mirror design changed, the doors come with recessed door handles and a single glass only. The engine bonnet open in the opposite direction compared to the previous versions.

The interior got a bit more luxurious compared to previous versions with a redesigned dashboard, instruments, steering wheel and climate controls. Options available include: air conditioning, light alloy rims, metallic paint.

'76ZAR11655*0001001 - ZAR116C55*0030950AR 01623LHD
'77ZAR11655*0030951 - ZAR116C55*0035733AR 01623LHD