Alfetta 2000 L (116.55C)

The Alfetta 2000 L is a restyled Alfetta 2000, where the changes are mainly inside the car.

This version was built from 1978 to 1980 in 60097 copies with an engine producing 130HP. During the production period the engine changed from type AR 01655 (carburetors) to AR 01674 (fuel injection).

   reference to the photographs is (15)

Several styling changes were performed on the Alfetta 2000 to update the version called 2000 L then:

The rear view mirror has a larger size and is made of black plastic, the door sill trim strips became wider. A 2000 logo was added to the glove compartment, several inserts were added to the dashboard and instrumentation panel. The side air vents got modified. The seats were upholstered in velvet and got more contoured, the door panels similarly changed. Foodrests have been installed and soundproofing of the passenger compartment was improved. Finally a new exhaust silencer was in use.

Options available for the Alfetta 2000 L include: sunroof, automatic three-speed gearbox and 185/70/14 alloy wheels.

'78AR11655*0040001 - AR116C55*0049600AR 01655LHD
'79AR11655*0049601 - AR116C55*0072500AR 01655-
'80AR11655*0072501 - AR116C55*0073999AR 01674-
'80ZAR11655*00074001 - ZAR116C55*00100100AR 01674-