Alfetta 2.0 (116.55F)

The Alfetta 2.0 is a restyled Alfetta 2000, where the changes are mainly inside the car.

This version was built from 1981 to 1983 (1984?) in 48750 copies with an engine producing 130HP. The engine used is type AR 01655 (carburetors).

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Unified bodywork is used from now on for all engine versions. The side indicators are set back, closer to the doors. The bumpers are with black rubber and front bumper includes a license plate holder. Black plastic sills are installed. At the rear, a black band is inserted between the optical indicators. Black plastic hubcaps are seen on this model. The model plate writing is no longer in italics, with the writing “Alfetta” and the engine version 2.0.

In addition to the engine, other details differentiate the 2.0 version alone. The grille is satin aluminum in color rather than black, in addition to the headlight wipers and stainless steel pillar covers. The seats are reshaped and fabrics for the door panels are in use, where the reflectors and electric windows are inserted. There is no longer the writing 2000 on the glove compartment. The steering wheel changes design. On the other models the steering wheel and knob are black, the dashboard has satin light gray plastic inserts. The dashboard and instruments have faux mahogany inserts. The steering wheel is made of wood. The seats are covered in wild boar or black Texalfa with the seat and back in beige or gray flocked fabric. Seat belts and rear head restraints are installed. The seats in black Texalfa with gray fabric seats and backrests.

'81ZAR116550*00100101 - ZAR116550*00121100AR 01655LHD
'82ZAR116550*00112021 - ZAR116550*00140500AR 01655LHD
'83ZAR116550*00140501 - ZAR116550*00144999AR 01655LHD
'83ZAR116550*00177011 - ZAR116550*00183310AR 01655-
'84ZAR116550*00183311 - ZAR116550*00185360AR 01655LHD