Alfetta 2000 LI America (116.58)

The Alfetta 2000 LI America is a version of the Alfetta 2000 Sport Sedan (re)adapted for the European market.

This version of the Alfetta was built from 1979 to 1981 in 800 copies with an engine producing 128HP.

   reference to the photographs is (30)

The Alfetta 2000 LI America is derived from the Alfetta 2.0 Sport Sedan version for the US market with modifications to adapt the Alfetta to European customers:

Four round headlights, bigger bumpers with stainless steel strips moved also arond to the side of the car, small bumpers at the side of the car, very specific alloy wheels, US type license plate lights, model identification plates are attached instead of the clearance lights required by US traffic regulations (the wholes were used instead of redesigning the metal), America is written on the left and Alfa Romeo on the rear bonnet.

'79AR11658*0001011 - AR11658*0002992AR 01615LHD
'80AR11658*0002993 - AR11658*0003600AR 01615LHD
'81ZAR116580*00004001 - ZAR116580*00005250AR 01615LHD