Alfetta 2000 Sport Sedan (116.58)

The Alfetta 2000 Sport Sedan is a version of the Alfetta 2000 adapted for the US market.

The version of the Alfetta was built from 1978 to 1981 in 400 copies with an engine producing 128HP.

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The Alfetta 2000 Sport Sedan is the US version of the Alfetta 2000 with several changes mainly inside the car:
Faux inserts are added to the dashboard and instrumentation and the initials 2000 are added onto the glove compartment, the rear view mirror is bigger black plastic, the side air vents were modified and the door sill trim strips become wider, the seats and the the door panels are more contoured and upholstered in velvet, soundproofing of the whole car is optimised and a new exhaust silencer is used.

The main options available are a sunroof, automatic three-speed gearbox and 185/70/14 alloy wheels.

'78 - '81-AR 01615LHD