Alfetta 2.0i CEM

The Alfetta 2.0i CEM is a restyled Alfetta 2000, where the changes are mainly the engine electronics.

This version was built from 1982 to 1983 in 991 copies with an engine producing some 130HP.

   reference to the photographs is (34)

This Alfetta is the product of an experimental project in collaboration with the University of Genoa in 1981. CEM is the abbreviation for "Controllo Elettronico del Motore", an addition to the Bosch Motronic electronic injection. The electronic control unit allows to choose the amount of active engine cylinders working (two or four), depending on the requested power output.

Main differences to the Alfetta 2000 are the installation of the EMC control panel and the CEM plate on the left of the rear lid.

'82 - '83?AR 01713LHD