Alfetta 1.8 (116.B2)

The Alfetta 1.8 received several updates for the 1981 season.

This model was built from 1981 to 1983 in 7798 copies with an engine producing 122HP.

   reference to the photographs is (35)

The idea of unifying the bodywork for all Alfetta versions was processed: The side indicators are set back closer to the doors, the bumper received additional side bumpers in black rubber, the front bumper integrated the license plate holder, the door sills are black plastic, a black band at the read is inserted between the optical indicators, the knob, hubcaps and grill are made of black plastic, the dashboard has satin light gray plastic inserts, seats and fabrics for the door panels are changed.

The model plate font changed to the wording Alfetta 1.8.

'81ZAR116B20*00001001 - ZAR116B20*00001850AR 01678LHD
'82ZAR116B20*00001851 - ZAR116B20*00005350AR 01678LHD